Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Visit with Linda MacDonald

On a recent trip to California, I had the great opportunity to meet Linda MacDonald. I was in the area where her studio is located. My husband was attending a conference south of San Fransisco and I was tagging along. Looking through a magazine of the area I saw a feature article on Linda. Wow! I couldn't believe it. I got in touch with her and asked her if we could come by and visit for awhile. She was gracious enough to give us the nod to come on over.

I have long admired Linda's quilts and the environmental situations that she depicts through them. Even though today she is no longer concentrating her amazing talent toward quilts she continues with oil paintings.

Linda not only gave us a tour of her studio but a detailed explanation of the process that she follows as she produces her art work. I got to see some beautifully painted pieces that depicted the fate of mountain lions, frogs and the forests being destroyed in her home state.

It was great to meet her. I will continue to follow her through her newsletters and I encourage you to do the same. I purchased a giclee' from her and off my husband and I went to eat dinner.

Thanks, Linda!

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