Monday, July 27, 2009

Things are Crazy

I know its been a long time since I updated my blog. So here are some pics to entertain you.
Bill and I bought the property out at Matthiessen. As many of you know the property, the house and the garage are a disaster. We tarped the garage. That was an unbelievably hard task. Bill is now trying to fix the roof enough to stop water from coming into the house. After that we dry it out and get the architect and engineer in there to determine if the house is salvageable. I have been trying to salvage the land. I have killed many poison ivy vines. Two had trunks as thick as 3 inches. I have spray gallons of Round-Up on the it. I have finally got the general area manageable. Now I go into the woods.
I have started to mow the "lawn". I'm really mowing weeds. Half of the "lawn" will go into prairie. I have already talked to J.F. New about coming out to do a burn in the woods and prairie. Then seed the prairie. When I have a free moment I walk down the trail to the dells. Of course, last time I went down there I didn't take my tripod. Mistake.

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