Monday, February 16, 2009

Robbie for Jen

This is a portrait piece that was commissioned by Jo Ann Valuch as a gift to her daughter, Jennifer. The image depicts Jen's dog Robbie who passed away in 2008.
The piece is done on silk and enhanced with acrylic paint and framed by hand dyed and painted fabrics. Some of these fabrics are dyed or painted by me some are done by other local artists. I used one commercial batik. Below is a detail of the piece.
This is the back of the piece. Attached is a brief quote and the reason the piece was constructed.


  1. Darcy, great piece. I particularly like the film strip along the side.

  2. Oh Darcy! Great work. I too like the film strip, especially how it echoes traditional quilts with repeated blocks. I started with traditional quilts and am moving towards art quilts.

  3. Darcy, I just saw this and think it is wonderful. You captured the sweet expression of the doggie's face. You're a very talented artist.