Saturday, February 3, 2007

How Jessica got into a quilt

This was a gift that gave to my brother and his family for Christmas 2006. It is a picture that I took of my niece Jessica looking at a Degas statue at the Art Institute in Chicago. It is approximatley 18" x 18".

The photo was maninpulated in Photoshop and printed on to a fabric sheet. The majority of the fabrics used in this piece are commercial but some hand dyed pieces are in there too. I selected that colors for the quilt from the colors that are in the picture. The fabrics are pieced around the picture in a crazy quilt type fashion. There is some beading on the quilt also.

I have another fabric picture of Jessica and Degas that I am going to work with. The next one will be in batiks and hand dyed fabrics. I'll show you that one later.

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