Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow...What...Dying? What's that?

Last Thursday I decided to try snow dying. It was probably the last chance I was going to have for the season. At first I was critical of my results but as I continued to look a the fabrics, I decided I really liked them.
I soda soaked 6 yards of fabric. Almost all of it was TestFabric's Mercerized Cotton. One piece is cotton velveteen that I got from JoAnn's. Put them on a racks and put them outside to freeze. After an hour brought them into the dye studio and placed them on top of the laundry sink. I have a large old double laundry sink. Packed on 4" to 5" of snow. Then squirted on dye. Since this was my first experiment I was not overly concerned about the dyes migrating to the fabric next to it. I just wanted to make sure it worked before I started to get overly detailed. The dyes I used were New Black, Fuchsia, Lemon Yellow, Turquoise, Blue Gray and Bronze.
Take a look at my pics below and leave a comment! Stay tuned to find out what they get used as.

New Black whole piece.

New Black detail.
New Black that was next to Fuchsia and Turquoise detail.
Cotton velveteen dyed with fuchsia and turquoise whole piece. The turquoise didn't appear to strike very well but its there.
Cotton velveteen dyed with fuchsia and turquoise detail. Picked up a little yellow. Interesting.
Fuchsia, Lemon Yellow and Turquoise (I think) whole piece. I didn't keep copious notes this time. Also, couldn't really tell where the fabric was once snow was on it. I'll correct that.
Fuchsia and Lemon Yellow whole piece.
Fuchsia and Lemon Yellow detail.


  1. Darcy, love your snow dyes! I did a whole bunch of this over the winter and had a blast doing it. There's even a tutorial on my blog. Makes you want to do more, right?

  2. Hi Darcy,
    I only caught a few of your pictures here; most wouldn't come up. The snow dyes I did see look fabulous. Thanks for sharing. I am going to have to try this.

  3. Darcy,
    Your snow dyed fabrics is magnifique! We've just gotten 3 inches of snow overnight, I think I will shovel some up and put it in the freezer and try this over the weekend. Thanks for posting your beautiful results! Pat Bishop